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I’m a professional website developer so it was always going to take me a while to find the time needed to create my own website for my landscape and woodland photography, but I’ve finally done it! I will be tweaking and adding new photos and functionality over the coming months, but for now it’s great to finally get something live.

A quick introduction… Name: Simon Baxter. Born: 1979. Lives: North Yorkshire, UK. Likes: Photography, good food, mountain bikes, wildlife. Dislikes: Litter. Drinks: Rum. Eats: Cake.

I seem to have a relatively clear memory of buying my first camera from Argos at the age of 7 when on a family holiday in Cornwall. Since then I’ve always casually taken photographs to record holidays and events with a constant appreciation for quality but not with any serious consideration and effort. In 2012 I was unfortunate enough to develop an injury that’s had a significant impact upon the lifestyle I was used to. Although the injury has stopped me from mountain biking, it slowly helped to reignite my interest in photography. I quickly realised that my approach to photography was helping me with my injury so in 2015 I really started to take my photography more seriously and I’ve enjoyed pretty much every single moment of it since. With a strong preference for woodland photography, I now spend many hours exploring my local countryside in search of obscure locations that I can connect with and that help me switch off and become absorbed into the landscape and all its surprises.

I also owe a lot to my best friend in photography – my Labradoodle, Meg! Whenever possible she will be bounding along by my side with unparalleled enthusiasm.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my galleries which I will make every effort to add to over the coming months and years. Please also join me on Twitter, Flickr and Facebook where I will also post notifications of new blog posts. Thanks for stopping by!