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About Simon Baxter

Simon Baxter and Meg

Growing up on the edge of the North York Moors, Simon has always enjoyed the great outdoors and interacting with nature. Much of Simon’s childhood years were spent exploring his local forest where he built dens and later became an avid mountain biker. Whether it be on two wheels, in a kayak or on a snowboard, Simon adores experiencing mother nature in all her seasons, colours, and shades.

Upon suffering a back injury in 2012, Simon was no longer able to enjoy his adrenaline-fueled outdoor lifestyle and was forced to reassess his personal and professional future. A transformation started in 2014 when Meg, a labradoodle puppy, came into Simon’s life and encouraged him to dust off his camera and reconnect with the outdoors. Having owned cameras since the 80s, Simon’s rekindled interest in photography soon became his passion and encouraged him to rediscover his surroundings at a much slower pace with Meg by his side.

Simon and Meg’s explorations took them to quiet wooded dales where Meg revelled in the freedom to play, and Simon found comfort in the complexity, smells, and sounds of woodland. Experiencing the therapeutic benefits of solitude amongst trees was a profound experience and continues to help Simon manage chronic pain.  His emotional connection to trees has inspired Simon to craft photographs which translate his experiences, capture their wonder, celebrate their magic, and offer a glimpse into his inner world.

In his dedication to share images which express his love and gratitude for trees and their fascinating homes, Simon has built a reputation as one of the world’s leading woodland photographers. It’s the journey from discovery to print that gifts him the greatest fulfilment and serves as a constant reminder that there’s much more to happiness in photography than a great photograph.

Simon is well known for his YouTube videos in which he shares his relaxed and considered approach to woodland photography. Although Simon enjoys creating further afield, his most recognised work is a result of his unique approach to photography in the quiet corners of the North York Moors.

Fine Art Prints

A limited selection of fine-art prints are available to order securely online. Click here to visit my online store.

Photography Workshops

Simon offers workshops to both individuals and small groups with an emphasis on individual attention. Click here for a full list of woodland photography workshops

Woodland and Meg