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Who has inspired me as a photographer?

It’s a question that I’ve been asked numerous times on Instagram but it’s not a question I like to answer with brevity because a small number of photographers have inspired me for different reasons and I think the answer deserves more than just a name. I recall saying in the past that it’s the outdoors and Mother Nature that inspire me […]

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Making a positive difference to the landscape

It has been suggested to me that I’m prone to looking too deeply at aspects of my photography. It’s an interesting observation and in limited respects I agree, but my traits of self-analysis and questioning my work as a photographer is the thing that drives me forward to search for meaning, purpose and an informed direction. I believe that we should […]

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Reflecting on 2018

Here we are, the end of yet another year! I’m no longer one for feeling the need to celebrate on new year’s eve, in fact I used to feel a bit negative about this strange time of limbo when the festivities come to an end and the anticipation of a new year played on my mind. However, photography and being a […]

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