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I started my YouTube journey in December 2016 with a video that documented a typical morning of woodland photography in my local countryside with my best friend, Meg. I never expected the video to have such a huge response but here I am, over 7 years later with many fantastic loyal subscribers and proud to be the first woodland photographer on YouTube. I started in an unhappy place but the process of woodland photography and it’s therapeutic benefits has had a profoundly positively effect on my well-being. I promised myself that I would never lose sight of my core values as a photographer  – I’m immensely grateful that my followers have supported and shared my journey.

It’s personally rewarding to share my thoughts, experience and advice through my videos. If you enjoy viewing my free content and would like to support my journey and development then please do consider a donation using the various methods below.

My promise to you is honesty and integrity – I’ll never dilute my content, I’ll strive to continually improve and I’ll give back to the environment through Meg’s Grove and other initiatives that help to support nature’s needs.

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Meg and I during video production for YouTube