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I’m often asked about gear, so here’s a list of almost everything I use for photography. For the UK, I’ve linked to Wex who I believe to be a better supplier of photography gear than Amazon. Most of these links are affiliate links so if you click on a link and make a purchase then I receive a small commission.

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My generic affiliate links which you can use for any purchase: Wex Photo Video (UK)  |  Amazon UK  |  B&H  |  Amazon US

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Always in my bag

  • Sony A7R III
    Wex (UK) | B&H (US)
    My latest and main camera and I love it. Amazing image quality and dynamic range
  • Sony 24-70 2.8GM
    Wex (UK) | Amazon (US) | B&H (US)
    This lens rarely comes off my camera. It’s expensive but worth every penny for its image quality, sharpness and versatility
  • NEW! Shimoda Action X camera backpack
    Shimoda Website
    My new and favourite camera bag – I use the Action X 30L in green. The roll top compartment is superb.
  • Shimoda Explore 40 camera backpack
    Shimoda Website | Amazon (US) | B&H (US)
    Very well made backpack with tons of room.
  • NEW! Gitzo GT3543XLS Tripod
    Wex (UK) | Amazon (US) | B&H (US)
    My new tall tripod – sturdy and perfect for working on hillsides
  • NEW! Arca-Swiss C1 Cube geared head
    Wex (UK) | B&H (US)
    Expensive but amazing. An excellent addition to improve precision.
  • Benro Mach 3 Tripod
    Wex (UK) | Amazon (US) | B&H (US)
    My older tripod which is fantastic value for money
  • Benro B3 Ballhead
    Wex (UK) | Amazon (US) | B&H (US)
    Solid, simple and great option at this price
  • Benro Travel Angel Tripod
    Wex (UK) | Amazon (US) | B&H (US)
    A new addition for longer hikes but my first impressions are very good indeed
  • LEE Landscape Polariser
    Wex (UK) | Amazon (US) | B&H (US)
    I use a number of LEE Filters such as the Landscape Polariser and a variety of graduated ND filters. They’re all carried in the LEE Field Pouch
  • Sony NP-FZ100 spare battery
    Wex (UK)B&H (US)
    I always carry a spare and I find the official batteries to be better than the copies
  • Tripod spikes
    Amazon (UK)
    Essential kit when working on soft ground like I do
  • Memory cards
    Amazon (UK) | Amazon (US) | B&H (US)
    I use the Sandisk 128gb cards plus spares and they’ve never let me down
  • Peak Design Quick release strap
    Wex (UK) | Amazon (US) | B&H (US)
    Ideal for the days where I like to scout and travel light
  • Pixel cable release
    Amazon (UK) | Amazon (US)
    Cheap and it works. I usually have 2
  • L Bracket
    Wex (UK) | Amazon (US) | B&H (US)
    Essential kit, in my opinion

Other gear I use but don’t always carry

  • Get a 30-day free trial of the best music for your videos
    Music Bed
    I now source all my music for video from Music Bed
  • Sony A6500 
    Wex (UK) | Amazon (US) | B&H (US)
    Very fast focus, great video quality, 4K and 120fps. I love this little camera
  • Sony 16-70 f4 
    Wex (UK) | Amazon (US) | B&H (US)
    Lightweight and a very versatile focal range
  • DJI Osmo Action
    Wex (UK) | Amazon (US) | B&H (US)
    An incredibly stable and waterproof action cam for vlogging that can shoot 240fps at 1080p!
  • Rode VideoMicro mic 
    Wex (UK) | Amazon (US) | B&H (US)
    It’s amazing what sound this little mic picks up
  • DJI Mavic Pro drone
    Wex (UK) | Amazon (US) | B&H (US)
    Compact and easy to use. Perfect for adding production quality to videos
  • DJI Mavic Air drone
    Wex (UK) | Amazon (US) | B&H (US)
    Even more compact and easy to use. Excellent but not quite as stable in wind as the Mavic Pro
  • Peak Design Capture Camera Mount V3
    Wex (UK) | Amazon (US) | B&H (US)
    Permanently attached to my Shimoda backpack for quick and convenient access to my Sony A6500
  • Zhiyun Crane V2 Gimbal 
    Amazon (UK) | Amazon (US) | B&H (US)
    It’s a bit bulky and heavy for “run & gun” videoing but it’s super smooth and great battery life
  • Bushnell Trail cam
    Amazon (UK) | Amazon (US) | B&H (US)
    I’ve been using these for quite a while. Great battery life and it’s always fun seeing what’s been captured
  • Outdoor clothing
    Patagonia Europe | Patagonia USA
    I’m quite picky when it comes to outdoor clothing. I want something that looks good, is lightweight and won’t let me down when the terrain is rough and the weather inclement. Equally important is to support brands whose core values are inline with my own. I choose Patagonia because of their commitment to responsible manufacturing, environmental projects, using business to help nature and bring a 1% For The Planet member.
  • Gloves
    Excellent photography gloves for the coldest of days. The Markhof Pro 2.0 and the Skadi Zipper Mitt are my favourite.
  • Walking boots
    Zamberlan Ultra Lite Gore-tex
    Amazon (UK)
    Finally – a pair of leather boots that are sturdy but light. Impressed so far.
  • Gaiters
    Mountain Equipment Gore-tex Pro
    Lasted 2 months at most, so I’m in search of a new pair.
  • Blunt Classic Umbrella
    Amazon (UK)
    Essential tool for woodland photography in the rain
  • Re-usable water bottles
    Klean Kanteen
    I’ve made a commitment to reduce my use of disposable plastics, so I’ve invested in some very nice bottles from Klean Kanteen.