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I’m sometimes asked to create a “What’s in my bag” video but I don’t personally see the value of this for my YouTube channel or indeed believe that most of subscribers want to see it. Instead, here’s a list of almost everything I use for photography. Most of these items link to Amazon as affiliate links so if you click on a link and make a purchase then I receive a small commission. Any support for my work is much appreciated!

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Always in my bag

Other gear I use but don’t always carry

  • Sony A7 II – My first mirrorless camera which has been superb so I’m keeping it
  • Sony 55mm f1.8 – Lightweight and super sharp. An awesome lens for a lightweight fixed focal length wander
  • Sony 70-200m f4 – Great when in the mountains and bigger views.

Videoing gear

  • Sony A6500 – Very fast focus, great video quality, 4K and 120fps. I love this little camera
  • Sony 16-70 f4 – Lightweight and a very versatile focal range
  • Rode VideoMicro mic – It’s amazing what sound this little mic picks up
  • DJI Mavic Pro drone  – Compact and easy to use. Perfect for adding production quality to videos
  • Zhiyun Crane Gimbal  – It’s a bit bulky and heavy for “run & gun” videoing but it’s super smooth and great battery life
  • Bushnell Trail cam  – I’ve been using these for quite a while. Great battery life and it’s always fun seeing what’s been captured

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