Winter Sketch


Beautiful long-life prints for collectors of fine art. Signed, numbered and supplied in a black presentation box with an embossed certificate of authenticity.
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Being exposed on the heathland reminded me of my adventurous days as a mountain biker – grinding away through the deepening snow as a chilling blizzard bit at my rosy cheeks. I’ve always believed the extremes of nature must be experienced to enjoy all its different shades. Any outdoor pursuit gives us an excuse to be present, observe and connect with nature, but photography’s greatest gift is having the opportunity to translate a precious and fleeting moment into something timeless.

With their trunk bases softened by the spindrifts, the downy birches appeared to hover over the heather, like pencil sketches on a white canvas. The trees stood alone, but the intricate graphite branches delicately touched one another in an arrangement that brings a feeling of togetherness, united against the harsh elements.

Lucia Pro pigment ink
Natural Soft Textured Bright White 315gsm. 100% cotton, fine art paper with a very gentle texture.