Valley Stories III


Beautiful long-life prints for collectors of fine art. Signed, numbered and supplied in a black presentation box with an embossed certificate of authenticity. Click to see an example .



Category winner in Outdoor Photographer of the Year

I found this location in March 2016 and frequently immersed myself in the stillness of the shallow valley before many of the trees were unfortunately felled in 2020. Early one morning in September 2017, after countless visits, I was treated to the magical combination of soft warm light breaking through the cool morning mist. The damp air revealed a hidden world of a thousand cobwebs clinging to heather and bilberry. The rising sun gently illuminated the fallen birch with its respectful gesture towards the ageing pine. The rows of young pine embraced the sleepy valley which awakening in the stirring atmosphere, The photograph represents everything I loved about this place of solace and relaxation. It went on to win the Light on the Land category in Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2017.

Lucia Pro pigment ink
Platinum Etching 285gsm. 100% acid free, fine art paper with a velvety, textured surface.