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A' Ghairbhe. Scotland

A’ Ghairbhe

I’m very much an advocate of keeping things slow, deliberate and crafted but sometimes you either work quickly and impulsively or you simply miss the moment, forever. The whole of Glen Torridon was clear and under a blue morning sky but mist had formed over the shallow river and was now dancing in the warm sunlight. I’d spotted the gnarled Scots pine that I wanted to photograph, so I scrambled down the riverbank to find an angle that made sense. Not using a tripod also felt a bit alien to me but the freedom of movement during transient conditions allowed me to capture the moment where the light-filled mist complemented the subject and composition.

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Lucia Pro pigment ink
Platinum Etching 285gsm. 100% acid free, fine art paper with a velvety, textured surface
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