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Textured Fragments, Caledonian Forest, Scotland

Textured Fragments

This image was a very impulsive capture during my very first visit to this forest of Scots Pines in the Wester Ross region of Scotland. It was initially the colours in the skeletal trees that caught my attention, followed by the fabulous backdrop of the forest clinging to the mountainside and disappearing into snowy heights. All this was beautifully softened in both tone and detail by the falling snow. I love the stone-like petrified pine that complements the boulder, the orange bark that echoes the grasses and the short streaks of snow that texture the background as the trees become progressively softer with elevation. It’s hard to imagine just how extensive and epic these fragments of a primeval wilderness once were.

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Lucia Pro pigment ink
Natural Soft Textured Bright White 315. 100% cotton, fine art paper with a very gentle texture.
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