Springtime Calm


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I talk a lot about shooting locally (within 40 minutes drive) as that’s what I was forced to do when I began my foray into woodland photography. I gain a huge sense of satisfaction from finding, exploring and working an area until the area works for me. The woodland in this photograph is one that I explored in the early days of my photography but one that I’d not revisited for 18 months. The fact I’d not visited for so long made it much more apparent how my eye had changed in that time and how I was now able to see compositions I’d previously missed. Or perhaps it was simply a combination of the conditions, time of year and my frame of mind. Either way, it was a productive and relaxing day, meandering through the fresh bracken growth until the evening when the wood became filled with a springtime freshness and sense of calm.

I’ve chosen to print this photograph on a textured matte paper to complement its painterly quality, softness and depth.  The photograph was also featured in one of my YouTube videos where I talked about composition in photography: watch it here

Lucia Pro pigment ink
Platinum Etching 285gsm. 100% acid free, fine art paper with a velvety, textured surface.
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