Beautiful long-life prints for collectors of fine art. Signed, numbered and supplied in a black presentation box with an embossed certificate of authenticity.



It’s true to say that most artists frequently question their ability and worth – a healthy balance of this helps you to continually strive for better. However, despite my frequent self-deprecation, there are enough moments in photography that make you smile inside with quiet confidence. There’s nothing I enjoy more than that moment you discover a scene in nature, it grabs you and your emotion draws you in. I already had a connection with this local woodland so it was a delight to finally compose an image that I feel encompasses the very best characteristics that this small hidden gem has to offer. The birch creeping from the crag, lush summer foliage and the reach of the oaks into the light-filled fog – is this North Yorkshire or an untouched wilderness?

Lucia Pro pigment ink
Platinum Etching 285gsm. 100% acid free, fine art paper with a velvety, textured surface.
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