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In A Flurry

In a Flurry

What better way to end an already fantastic afternoon than to capture one of your favourite photographs from a 5-day trip to Scotland. Sometimes everything comes together and not only do you discover a location that speaks to you, but you’re also presented with perfectly formed subjects such as this one. It wasn’t just the splendid shape that makes this Scots Pine so appealing, but the side being photographed was sheltered from the wet snow and so I was able to capture the colour and texture of the bark which contrasted so nicely with the soft monochromatic landscape. The slight lip in the heather covered hillside added a subtle line to the distant pine for added depth and connection, while the falling snow streaking horizontally added texture and feeling. For me, trees are the most characterful features of the landscape and this one is a superb example standing proudly in one of Scotland’s remnants of ancient Caledonian Pine Forest.

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Lucia Pro pigment ink
Natural Soft Textured Bright White 315. 100% cotton, fine art paper with a very gentle texture.
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