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Hoar Frost Box Set Frosted Rowan Winter's Wall Silver

Hoar Frost Box Set

Some would say that I was very lucky to experience this hoar frost, but as photographers, we make our own luck. I’d spent many days ambling this small location as one of my happy places where I could escape and connect. I hoped that one day I’d capture some special conditions here, I just didn’t expect to experience the magic of a localised hoar frost. I’ve not seen the phenomenon since and I suspect they’ll be many more enjoyable visits until such good fortune comes my way again. Moments like this is why I love to shoot local.

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Limited to:
Lucia Pro pigment ink
Natural Soft Textured Bright White 315. 100% cotton, fine art paper with a very gentle texture.
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Limited Edition Box Set of 40 18 x 23cm £70