Afraid of Time II


“I just wanted you to know the print “Afraid of Time II” arrived in perfect condition. It is a beautiful photo and stunning print. It will find a special place in my home. The packaging and presentation are so impressive!”

Jim C, USA

Beautiful long-life prints for collectors of fine art. Signed, numbered and supplied in a black presentation box with an embossed certificate of authenticity. Click to see an example .



The element I enjoy the most about photography is the journey of discovery; the many hours spent exploring the complexities of obscure woodland and quiet corners of the North York Moors, all in the hope of finding a rare and intimate scene that I can connect with. One early morning in June 2016 I ventured out in some beautifully foggy and eerily calm conditions to explore a local woodland. Looking through gaps of a dark and dense plantation I spotted some moss laden branches of a spooky tree as they glowed under delicate light that funnelled down from the opening in the canopy. The silence was broken by the occasional flap of wings through the treetops. Chilled drops of water hit my neck as they fell from the sodden branches and my dog sat motionless, staring into the dark foggy woodland behind me. The combination of exploration, atmosphere and the strangely unnerving experience makes this my favourite discovery to date.

Lucia Pro pigment ink
Platinum Etching 285gsm. 100% acid free, fine art paper with a velvety, textured surface.
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